A*STAR Epidemic Preparedness HTCO

The Epidemic Preparedness Horizontal Technology Coordinating Office (EP HTCO) is a dedicated Programme Office set up to co-ordinate research and capabilities in A*STAR around surveillance, detection, intervention, prevention. EP HTCO’s goal is to develop an integrated response to better manage infectious disease outbreaks. The HTCO is housed under ID Labs and is dedicated to developing multi-disciplinary research across both the Biomedical Research Council (BMRC) and Science and Engineering Council (SERC), opening new opportunities for collaboration, and ensuring active communication and synergy among researchers tackling some of the modern world’s most pressing public health concerns.

Through the EP HTCO, scientists at ID Labs and other Research Institutes have access to cross-disciplinary expertise and resources, bridging life science research with the social sciences, material sciences, machine intelligence, robotics, and automation research ongoing elsewhere under the umbrella of A*STAR.

The EP HTCO has four key focus areas: surveillance, detection, intervention, prevention. We encourage you to find out more about how the different Research Institutes at A*STAR fit into these focus areas via the diagram below:


For inquiries, please email: grants-idhtpo@idlabs.a-star.edu.sg