Director's Message

Welcome to the website of the Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC).

At IHPC, we share a common vision in establishing the Institute as the computing powerhouse for Singapore and the region. Through our unique scientific capabilities and world-leading R&D efforts, we capitalize on the power of computational science to solve major scientific, engineering and industrial problems.

Our activities are spread over a wide range of topics such as:

  • solid mechanics,
  • fluid dynamics,
  • coupled solid/fluid mechanics,
  • materials science/condensed matter physics,
  • chemistry,
  • electromagnetics,
  • photonics and plasmonics,
  • solid-state electronics,
  • biophysics, and
  • cognitive science.

Each area is helmed by an accomplished senior scientist/engineer, and they are complemented by researchers advancing the field of high performance computing itself — through the development of advanced HPC software and computer architectures, adaptive and collaborative computing, computational geometry, modeling and visualization, and data-analytics.

We strive to push the frontiers of scientific inquiry through our expertise in high performance computing, and we welcome strategic partnerships that would build new capabilities and enhance existing strengths.

Through the development of long-term ties with industry partners, including multinational companies and local SMEs, to ensure that our R&D activities stay focused and relevant to real-world needs, we are focused on solving real-world problems for better value-add to Singapore and society at large.

We place a high premium on long-term engagement with industry, our important partners. We will deliver on our commitment to use our world-leading computational science R&D to solve the problems of industry partners and to create technological innovation for all. Through these strong partnerships, we seek to contribute to Singapore's economic growth.

Our core values of Impact, Honesty, Performance and Cooperation underline our commitment both to the quality of our work, and the well-being and effectiveness of our staff. We maintain a spirit of transparency and open consultation, by involving every staff in the growth of our institute, so as to develop and harness the potential and creativity of our talent pool.

Please take time to browse through the webpages of our scientists and their research.

We welcome all enquiries for:

We trust that you will find this website informative and treasure your feedback. We invite you to visit us so that we can show you the full extent of the exciting and dynamic worlds of high performance computing in IHPC today.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Dr Lim Keng Hui
Executive Director