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Note: Please note that these packages are work-in-progress and intended to be offered in the near term. The final version of the packages may differ from the one in this brochure.

Consultancy Service Package - Stress Analysis of Mechanical Structures

"Stress Analysis of Mechanical Structures"

Traditional design of structures involves simplified formulae with simplified assumptions and by physical testing of the structures. These methods are inaccurate and often very expensive. Due to the advancement of Computers and Mathematics, Finite Element Analysis had gained popularity due to its versatility in the usage of structural design. This method involves inputting the geometry, relevant material properties and the load values into the software. The software will then solve the problem and generates results. These results can be used to study the deformation and the structural integrity of the structure.

Deliverables and Benefits:

- Contour plots of displacements and stresses

- Descriptive report on the results

- Evaluation of structural integrity and reliability of the structure

- Recommendations on the design improvement of the structure

- Reassessment of materials and loadings