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Note: Please note that these packages are work-in-progress and intended to be offered in the near term. The final version of the packages may differ from the one in this brochure.

Consultancy Service Package - Thermal Analysis of Mechanical Structures

“Thermal Analysis of Mechanical Structures"

The computation of temperature distribution is needed in many designs applications such as in thermal management, thermal stresses computation etc. Analytical methods available to compute the temperature distributions are limited by the type of geometry and by the type of loading. For structures involving complex geometries and loading, Finite Element Analysis is the desired choice for these types of thermal analysis. The input parameters are the geometry, relevant material properties and thermal boundary conditions. Using these inputs, the software generates the temperature distribution of the structures.

Deliverables and Benefits:

- Contour plots of temperature and temperature gradient

- Descriptive report on the results

- Recommendations on the improvement of the thermal management of the structure

- Reassessment of materials and thermal loads