Honours & Awards

IHPC wins “Most Innovative Solution” Award at SMRT Vendors’ Day 2016

20 Apr 2016
IHPC has been working closely with SMRT Roads and SMRT Trains in a series of projects that improve reliability and performance of Singapore’s public transport networks.
The Electronics & Photonics Department has started studies with the SMRT Trains team on a non-intrusive condition monitoring system for the 750 DC cables to provide early detection of faults. Through a joint lab between IHPC and SMRT Roads, the Computing Science Department is also working with the SMRT Roads division on research and development activities and collaborative projects in areas of complex systems modelling. These projects are expected to improve overall lifecycle costing for SMRT Roads, optimise bus waiting times and bring forth smoother journeys that will improve commuters' satisfaction.

For their efforts in assisting SMRT to improve operational reliability and effectiveness of Singapore's public transport networks, the teams have received the SMRT Most Innovative Solution Award.

Congratulations to the teams!