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Ph.D student at IHPC wins ICMAT 2013 Poster Award

09 Jul 2013
A Ph.D student at IHPC has emerged among the winners of the best poster awards at the recent ICMAT (International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies) 2013.

Sara Adibi, who is being supervised by Dr. Paulo Branicio from IHPC’s Material Science and Engineering Department, was one of just 33 winners of the ICMAT 2013 Best Poster Awards, chosen from a field of 765 posters on display.

Sara’s poster was based on the research paper "Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Metallic Nanoglasses".

She received her award from Nobel Laureate, Prof. Alan Heeger (Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 2000).

Congratulations to Sara for her winning poster, and to Paulo, who is also one of two co-authors of the research paper!

For more details about ICMAT and the Best Poster Awards, you can visit the official website.