Distributed Computing (DC Group)


The Distributed Computing Capability Group has research capabilities in cloud computing, large-scale data processing, recommender systems and deep learning. We are particually interested in developing solutions to address urban challenges, e.g., analysing mobility patterns and simulating crowd behaviour in large urban spaces or across the island.

One key project is Dynamic Mobility Management (DMM), under the A*STAR-Fujitsu-SMU Centre of Excellence on Urban Computing and Engineering. This project aims at developing methods to understand and improve the dynamics of commuter traffic in large urban spaces through real-time demand and supply matching, as well as simulate and manage crowds under extreme conditions and surges.

We are also working on the National Science Experiment (NSE), organised by NRF and MOE. In 2015, 43,140 students from 128 schools carried the SENSg device to collect data on their daily travel patterns and to map Singapore’s urban outdoor environment such as temperature, humidity and sound, or Wi-Fi connectivity. Students’ curiosity in science was sparked as they learned concepts such as Big Data, along with the Internet of Things as part of the project. Our distributed computing infrastructure successfully supported the NSE 2015, which resulted in over 200 millions lines of data over the four experiment weeks.

Dr. Qin Zheng
Capability Group Manager
Distributed Computing