Intuitive Interaction Technologies (IIT Group)


The key to success of many applications of digital technology is devising a matching interface. The Intuitive Interaction Technology (IIT) group aims to understand, develop, and implement technological interfaces leading to socially smooth and seamless human-machine interaction and thereby maximizing the benefits people receive in a given application context. This overarching goal entails highly interdisciplinary research in the fields of psychology, linguistics, design, education, computer science, and robotics for the development of computationally tractable interaction models, and their physical implementations. The IIT group takes a holistic system approach that extends beyond a focus on individual components, to develop novel interface and interaction concepts leading to meaningful applications.

 The research activities of the IIT group can broadly be categorized in the following 3 areas: 

  • Develop cognitive and computational models of social interaction; 
  • Conduct scientific studies to test and refine these models ; 
  • Develop and implement hardware and software based on these models that involve novel, unique interfaces and functions relying on people’s natural social cognitive capacities.

Dr Martin Saerbeck
Capability Group Manager
Intuitive Interaction Technologies Group