Intuitive Interaction Technologies (IIT Group)

Research Areas / Projects

One of our chief application areas is the use of unique technology to enhance education, we conduct research into the social interaction factors that are critical in enhancing learning. This research in turn is used in instantiating our design and program features for a tutor robot. In this latter line of work we have created an interactive physical prototype of a tutoring robot and are currently applying a novel programming system, coined SRI (Social Robot Intelligence) framework, to specify human-robot interaction features.

The SRI framework differentiates itself from other robot middleware by its deterministic run-time, which enables formal verification of robot applications. Other essential research and development projects we engage in include interface design analytics, end-user programming for robot customization, and socially interactive interface agents in retail domains. Our projects strive to build on what is enabled by current technology to shape it in a socially intuitive direction.