Model-Based Engineering (MBE Group)


To better reflect the capabilities and activities that exist within Cross-discipline Data-intensive Analytics (CDA) group, the CDA capability group is renamed as Model-Based Engineering (MBE) capability group. 

With strong foundation in data-driven modelling and simulation built over many years, providing insight into the behaviour of a wide variety of data as well as generating value that has benefited many industries and public agencies, the data challenges associated with high-fidelity models (mimic real-world problems) and computational intensity (faster and more efficient models) still remains. 

With the target of achieving intelligent designs and tackling real-time situations, the MBE capability group (CG) aims to explore the “decision space as fully and effectively” as possible so as to enhance the decision making process. This would entail the integration of first principles modelling and simulation approaches, with the understanding of the models behaviour at different scales, coupled with data-enabled parameter estimation techniques. 

In achieving this, besides working with industry partners, the MBE CG will also work more closely with other departments within IHPC, leveraging on their domain modelling and simulation expertise, in generating more integrated solutions to our customers.

Dr. Mohamed Salahuddin
Capability Group Manager
Model-Based Engineering