Emerging Algos and Models (EAM Group)


The Emerging Algorithms and Models (EAM) capability group researches on rapid algorithms and methodologies that reduce the time required to perform simulations relevant to the urban living industry sector that the residents can relate to in their daily lives. For instance, sunlight management and wireless communications are two areas of applications where EAM’s algorithms can help to scale up solar irradiance simulations and optimization of wireless networks for indoor tracking and communications.

Another aspect of research in the EAM capability group is to develop non-linear electromagnetic algorithms to tackle problems which cannot be solved by conventional commercial software. For instance, the particle-in-cell methodology is currently been developed within the group to look at plasma processing and ultrafast laser-plasma phenomena that are highly non-linear in nature. Equipped the tools to simulate highly non-linear electromagnetic problems, EAM aims to empower the industry in Singapore and help them to make use of the advanced simulation tools available to adopt cutting edge technologies that allows them to gain the first mover advantage in their respective industry sector.

Non-linear electromagnetic algorithms for the future Space industry and
Customizing existing fast electromagnetic algorithms for the urban living industry sector

Dr. Bui Viet Phuong
Capability Group Manager
Emerging Algorithms and Models Group