Emerging Algos and Models (EAM Group)

Research Areas

There are two main research areas engaged by EAM to advance electromagnetic algorithm research and industry translation into actual applications that will impact people’s lives

  • The first is to build up the capability to simulate non-linear electromagnetic phenomena which cannot be performed by conventional linear Maxwell’s solvers.
  • The second is to speed up (through both parallelization and acceleration algorithms) and apply the fast algorithms to various urban living related applications, such as solar irradiance and shade simulations of the urban environment on the district and town scale and wireless signal propagation for tracking and communication purposes.

The above will leverage on EAM existing core research activities, which include:

  • To translate the fast algorithms into the various domain applications such as solar irradiance for environment simulations and wireless signal propagation in the radio frequency or communication domain.
  • To develop non-linear algorithms and modules to describe interactions between charged particles (e.g. plasma) and matter with electromagnetic fields.