Radio Frequency Engineering (RF Group)


The RF group, comprising of 12 staff of which 11 are PhD holders, primarily engages in deepening their technical capabilities in computational electromagnetics for applications which span the electro-/magneto-static regimes up to terahertz frequencies. It has to emphasize that although RF engineering has a long history and many matured technologies, requirements of high speed data communication (beyond Mb/s) and device miniaturization revives the importance of RF engineering from both industry and research points of view. The group developed strong capabilities and track record in the field of RF engineering with a number of industrial and research projects in the past and present.

The RF group aims to

  • Leverage on the vast know-how in electromagnetic compatibility to expand our breadth of applications in large scale problems such as urban and space EMC;
  • Expand collaboration with new industry partners beyond the traditional electronics, e.g. Aerospace, Infocomm, and Marine & Offshore;
  • Develop more application-specific computational electromagnetics (CEM) solvers to meet the specific needs of the emerging industrial sectors identified, e.g. MedTech and urban living;
  • Explore novel technologies in RF engineering.

Computational electromagnetics for enabling smart and sustainable living environment

Dr. Richard GAO Xianke
Capability Group Manager
Radio Frequency Engineering Group