Radio Frequency Engineering (RF Group)

Research Areas

The RF group has been engaging in EMC simulation for over ten years. EMC is essential for electronic and infocomm network systems which have to work harmoniously among their internal components and also with external systems. As physical EMC assessment or testing is tedious and expensive, EMC simulation is highly desirable as a rapid and cost-effective way of assessment. However, due to the complexity of EMC problems, simulation is challenging even for state-of-the-art commercial software. Hence, the group develops advanced simulation techniques to address the industrial needs and aid them to meet the relevant IEEE EMC standards for their products. The group also utilizes its EMC expertise to upgrade the industry players in the electronics, Infocomm, aerospace and other sectors through knowledge transfers, translating to cost reduction and product design cycle optimization.

The software toolkits developed:

  1. Virtual EMC Lab
  2. Near-field to Far-field Conversion Toolkit
  3. EMC Tool for aerospace engineering

EMC in electronics and aerospace engineering

Far-field prediction based on near-field measurement

Another major capability within the RF group is the modelling and simulation of Electronic Packaging and 3D Integrated Circuit (IC). With continuous evolution of the semiconductor technology following “Moore’s law”, the blurring boundaries between chip, package and system (CPS) pose ever-increasing challenges to CPS design and modelling, which in turn requires innovative electrical design and modelling technologies. To tackle silicon complexity and system complexity of nano-scale IC packaging and system integration, the RF group has been working on modelling and design of chip, packaging and systems. The objective of the capability building is to develop efficient yet accurate algorithms and methodologies for modelling and design of advanced chip, packaging and systems. The primary foci are signal integrity, power integrity, and new designs for chip, packaging and systems.

3D IC packaging

The group has its capability in novel antenna design and wireless sensor network because of the widespread application of wireless sensor and sensor network technologies in the communication, biomedical, aerospace, transportation, etc.

RF started research on low-profile antenna and metamaterial antennas under the support of government and industry. The projects achieved an integrated solution for high-gain low-profile antennas utilizing metamaterial based structures for satellite receptions and point-to-point radio communications. Using metamaterial superstrate, the broad side gain of a patch antenna is enhanced from 5 dBi to 12.8 dBi. Taking advantage of the expertise gained from the research project to anchor the group’s track record in the SATCOM or space-related industry, RF intends to broaden the application of the expertise not just in the aerospace, but also in the area of biomedical service.

Low-profile antenna

Metamaterial antenna

The capability development in wireless communication started several years ago when RF group collaborated with industry to model wireless propagation in an aircraft cabin. Thereafter the group developed the capability and track record for wave propagation analysis in large areas (e.g. urban, sea port), which can be applied to wireless channel modelling in an urban environment. The group also developed a simulation technology to analyse the steady state and dynamic performance of a power system, and further incorporate renewable energy sources to the grid system that is applicable to the Marine & Offshore industry sector for better understanding the performance and in turn stability of their offshore power energy system.

As the energy has become an essential in our everyday life, while wireless communication has substantially changed people’s life style in the past decades. RF group envision that the capability of wireless communication and that of power and energy will be integrated to better address human’s need for power and energy at any time and any place without the need for a power socket connection.