Collaborative Thinking and Technologies (CTT)

What We Do...

The CTT Group investigates how people think, communicate and learn together in technology supported interactions. Collaborative thinking, communication and learning are multi-modal, socio-cognitive activities. Based on this view, the group adopts an interdisciplinary, theory-based, yet design-oriented research agenda. This includes applying methods from psychology, linguistics and learning sciences towards designing technology solutions for enhancing communication, collaboration, as well as creative and innovative thinking.

The capabilities of CTT include the following:

  • Designing intelligent and social technologies that support complex communication and thinking
  • Designing communicative technology solutions for collaborative thinking
  • Analyzing and facilitating collaborative knowledge building
  • Investigating cognitive processes of motivation and technology-enabled learning
  • Modeling collaborative decision making

Figure 1: System that tracks and analyses communication behaviors.

Dr. Margaret Tan
Senior Scientist and Capability Group Manager