Overview and Recent Highlights

In 2017, IHPC dove into an exciting new research area: Music Cognition. 

Music cognition is an interdisciplinary field that uses methods from cognitive science (e.g., experimental psychology, computational modeling, computational, and neuroscientific techniques) to investigate how music works in the mind, brain, and society. 

Here at IHPC, we strive for excellence in research and innovation spanning several topics relating to music cognition. Not only do we endeavour to elucidate and simulate the cognitive mechanisms underlying mental processes such as music perception and memory, we also aim to develop music-based technologies that have a beneficial impact on society. We are the first music cognition group in Singapore, and are delighted that you are taking the time to read more about what we do.

Kind regards,
Dr. Kat Agres
on behalf of the IHPC Music Cognition team