Social Intelligence (SI)

What We Do...

The Social Intelligence (SI) Group focuses on developing capabilities in the areas of designing new socially intelligent systems and methods that enhance the understanding of public sentiment, preference, and behaviours. Through years of fundamental scientific research and collaboration, the group focuses on three areas of capabilities centered on social intelligence:

  • Public and consumer sentiment sensing and analysis
  • Customer psychographic analysis and segmentation
  • Innovative e-business strategies, methods and technologies

Figure 1. Research focus areas of Social Intelligence group.

Scientists and engineers in SI group has proudly collaborated with co-leading colleagues, and supported a number of partners in ICT, finance, and consumer electronics industries as well as local government agencies. Together the group has delivered the following key examples projects:

  1. An in-house developed system platform for finer-grained automated social sentiment and emotion analysis (link to tech offer description)
  2. Leveraging social media for public health monitoring and public sensing (link to open-access published article)
  3. Assessing creditworthiness of individuals with no-credit-history
  4. A system platform for a win-win seeking software agent for online sales negotiations
  5. Reducing disagreements, inefficiency and mistrust in agent-human e-business negotiations

The SI group is currently exploring advanced research topics incorporating understanding of non-literal expressions from social media as well as development of social technologies handling more diverse data modalities (e.g., new languages, images, videos, social networks). We look forward to developing collaboration opportunities with industry, government agencies as well as academic institutions.

Dr. Yang Yinping
Senior Scientist and Capability Group Manager