IHPC Student Seminar 'Big On Big Data'

It was a big event for data watchers -- Hundreds of students and dozens ofteachers attended the IHPC Student Seminar titled ‘Big On Big Data.”

Held on Thu, 22 Aug at the Genexis Theatre within Fusionopolis, the aim of the seminar was to introduce various aspects of the hot topic, Big Data.

  • IHPC’s Dr. Erika Legara and Mr. Henry Kasim from CS department gave a gentle introduction to Big Data, and provded an example of how big data analytics powered by HPC technologies can help to predict the impact of public transport disruptions on the MRT network.
  • Mr Chan Chi Loong from VslashR, a data visualization company, spoke on how to translate big data insights into visual diagrams and charts that help people to understand the underlying trends better.
  • Assistant Professor Justin Dauwels from NTU’s School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, presented on various big data-related projects on this small island – including a look at Singapore’s traffic patterns,neuroengineering through analyzing large chunks of brain data, and even social robotics.
  • Mr Harish Pillay, IT industry veteran and Red Hat evangelist, spoke on ‘Big Data – Why Should I Care?’, and went on to give valid reasons. He also used anonymous data collected from the students via an online survey, to illustrate how researchers can extrapolate trends from such data.

The Seminar ended with a Q&A session, with all the speakers given an opportunity to address certain questions on Big Data.

Enjoy some snapshots of the Seminar here!

22 August 2013 IHPC Student Seminar 'Big On Big Data'

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