IHPC Student Seminar on Robotics: Beyond Human Imagination

It was just about a full house at the IHPC student seminar held on 1 March 2013.

With the theme being ‘Robotics: Beyond Human Imagination’, it was no surprise that close to 400 students and teachers turned up to discover the state of R&D in robotics research in Singapore today -- and a glimpse of how things will change tomorrow

The speakers and their topics were:

·         Dr Martin Saerbeck and Dr Pramod Kumar Pisharady (IHPC) --“Developing a robotic tutor that helps students to learn better”

·         Dr Han Boon Siew (I2R) -- “Robots…..Why are they very important to us in the near future”

·         Dr Zhou Chongjiu (Advanced Robotics and Intelligent Control Centre, Singapore Polytechnic) -- “Humanoid Robot: Design Challenge”

And yes, all the presenters brought along robots for demonstration purposes, which certainly lighted up the audience.

The speakers also joined a panel discussion to handle questions from the students. The questions were compiled using the Pigeonhole Live service that allowed the audience to post their queries via their smart phones and mobile devices.

You can view some snapshots of the robotic action here!

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