Teacher's Dialogue 2011

The IHPC Teacher’s Dialogue 2011 event saw some 53 teachers from secondary schools and junior colleges turn up for an interesting afternoon on 21 January.

The teachers were introduced to the student-oriented activities and events organized by IHPC annually. Deputy Director of Corporate Communications, Jerry Lim, described the IHPC Seminar Series of talks and activities aimed at making Science exciting for students, the Science Chronicles sci-fi story writing competition, and the HPC Quest computing challenge. The teachers next toured several exciting exhibits within Fusionopolis, including the IHPC Tile Display that wowed them with the 3D visualization demonstration. They also enjoyed the sounds of silence within the Anechoic Chamber and showed their moves at the 3D Dance demonstration, both located inside sister research institute, I2R.

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21 January 2011 Teacher's Dialogue 2011

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