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The Physics of Fluids and Heat

29 Mar 2016

290 students and teachers from across 23 secondary schools, junior colleges and polytechnics attended IHPC's Students Seminar "The Physics of Fluids and Heat" on 29 Mar 16.

Led by IHPC's Fluid Dynamics department, the theme of the seminar surrounded physics and mathematics concepts in research areas involving fluids and heat. 

Mr Raymond Quek explained how seemingly difficult engineering problems can be solved using computer algorithms that are designed by solving simultaneous equations. 

Dr Harish Gopalan discussed the developments in temperature measurements and computations, and shared how IHPC's scientists are tackling the urban heat island effect by leveraging computational fluid dynamics. 

Dr Pekka Roytta conducted a live experiment that demonstrated non-Newtonian flows, and spoke about the importance of understanding the physics behind non-Newtonian flows. 

Finally, the seminar ended off with a panel discussion where the speakers took questions from the floor.