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Materials of the Future

20 Mar 2017
Materials are all around us. All the objects that we use everyday are made possible through research and development of materials. Everyday, scientists in A*STAR and all over the world are working on developing better, more durable and more effective materials that help to improve our lives.

In this seminar, IHPC’s scientists shared how advanced metallic alloys and soft materials are increasingly used to design new classes of smart devices with multiple functions and enhanced durability.

Dr Zachary Aitken discussed the science and development of exotic materials such as metallic glasses and high entropy metals exploit alloying effects to achieve high strength, low weight, and unprecedented durability of structural materials.

Following which, Dr Keith Foo described how soft materials are increasingly used to design new classes of smart devices, known as soft machines. Soft materials can change shape under a stimulus to provide multiple functions, such as sensing, harvesting energy, and creating motions. Such functions are used to build a wide range of devices like artificial muscles, loudspeakers, power generators, and soft robots.

Last but not least, Dr Ong Zhun Yong discuss how different materials can potentially be used to improve the efficiency of heat dissipation and to reduce the power requirements of thermal management.