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Sensing Light and Waves

21 Mar 2018
144 students and 12 teachers from across 18 secondary schools, junior colleges and polytechnics attended IHPC's Students' Seminar "Sensing Light and Waves" on 20 Mar 18. Led by IHPC's Electronics & Photonics department, the theme of the seminar surrounded concepts of physics and optics.

Dr Yeoh Wai Siang spoke about his work on wireless charging and explained how power is transmitted without power cords.
Dr Hor Yew Li then touched on how photonics is used in non-destructive testing, and explained the applications of such testing in common industry sectors such as aerospace and automotive sectors. Dr Xiao Xiong then discussed the topic of quantum physics with the students, and challenged them to think about how quantum correlation is applicable in their life.

Finally, the seminar ended off with a panel discussion where the speakers took questions from the floor.