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Lighting Up Physics

12 Aug 2014

Over 350 students attended IHPC’s latest student seminar on “Lighting Up Physics”, held at Matrix, Biopolis, in August 2014.

Dr Jason Png, Director of the Electronics and Photonics Department, opened the session with an introduction that explained the importance of light-based technologies, and how they are applied in our everyday lives.

Dr Ravi Hegde presented on the topic of nano-optics, and gave the students some insight to the kind of research that nano-optics scientists are involved in. He also provided examples of applications of nano-optics, such as storing thousands of movies in DVDs and helping to detect diseases in early stages. 

Dr Zhao Weijiang brought the students through a crash course on electromagnetic interference (EMI) and prediction, and explained the importance of predicting EMI, especially since it helps us to determine the safety of electronic devices.

Students were taken aback when the lights were dimmed and the familiar tune of the Harry Potter movie sounded throughout the theatre. Guest speaker Dr Zhang Baile, Assistant Professor at Nanyang Technological University, stole the show as he introduced the concept of ‘invisibility cloaking’. He demonstrated the transformation of science fiction, à la Harry Potter’s Invisible Cloak, into reality, and further elaborated on the practical technologies from this research.

Through the panel discussion moderated by Dr Jason Png, students and teachers also had the chance to have their questions on electronics and photonics addressed by our scientists and researchers.