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Move to the Music (MoMu)

MoMu: MedTech Game for Motor Rehabilitation Exercises

Move to the Music (MoMu) is a music-based, gamified, stroke rehabilitation system for elder stroke patients. The system aims to increase engagement and adherence to physiotherapy by gamifying exercises that are performed in time with the music. The rhythmic patterns provided by music serve as a scaffold to synchronise movement to sound. This type of sensorimotor synchronisation (SMS) has shown to be useful for rehabilitation in a number of motor system disorders.
MoMu can be customised to the patient’s needs and current abilities. To ensure the correct execution of rehabilitation exercises, patients are provided with real-time feedback based on their performance. MoMu system is modular in design and hardware agnostic, affording the flexibility to accept any range of future input technologies. It includes a web-based dashboard, allowing physicians and occupation therapists the opportunity to assess user performance remotely.

Using empirically established facilitatory effects of rhythmic entrainment, to aid motor rehab in stroke patients (especially balance, reaching movements) and strengthening in elderly (Ellis et al., 2015; Friedman et al., 2011; van Wijck et al., 2012).

  • Tracks progress over time
  • Adaptive to performance, suitable for elderly
  • Dynamic feedback
  • Uses music for motivation and entrainment; automated evaluation for tele-rehab



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