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IoT Water Leakage Detection System

Water is an essential natural resource that directly impacts the livelihood and survival of humanity. To ensure the deliverance of water from one point to another, for either processing or consumption, the transport mode through pipelines is necessary. However, water leakage is not uncommon and could be very costly, especially for water-scarce countries like Singapore. Therefore, a water leakage detection system is necessary to reduce water wastage and maintain stringent checks on infrastructure integrity through an immediate alarm system. One possible solution is to deploy an intelligent hydrophone sensor grid that monitors the pipeline’s health and provides an accurate prediction in the event of any leakage.

To combat this challenge, IHPC developed an IoT water leakage detection system that is able to detect leak occurrences and pinpoint the respective leak location accurately. In addition, users may scale up the system simultaneously, depending on the number of sensor nodes required in the sending grid.


  • Detect pipe leakage occurrence
  • Pinpoint pipe leakage location
  • Scalable for applications with a large number of sensor nodes
  • Apply process flow for different pipe lengths, diameters and materials

The Science Behind

The acoustic signals are the key drivers behind this water leakage detection system. Once the ideal locations to install hydrophone sensors are identified on the sensor grid, the sensors collect acoustic signals. These signals are input to a backend server, where data analytics are performed to identify the leaks and determine the leak locations.

Industry Applications

The IoT water leakage detection system was developed in mind for customisation used in pipelines of different lengths, diameters and materials. Possible industry applications include:

  • In-house monitoring of water leakages, particularly factories dealing with sensitive liquid chemicals
  • Data centers whereby liquid cooling is essential
  • Environments containing sensitive equipment whereby real-time alert of any water leakage event is pertinent for safe operation