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InPsyche Profiling Platform

InPsyche is a personality profiling tool for inferring scores on a wide variety of psychometric scales from very few user inputs. In as few as 10-20 questions, InPsyche can infer a user’s personality, temperament, work and life values, vocational interests, emotional and social intelligence, communication and conflict-resolution styles, and many more psychometric traits.

Traditional psychometric questionnaires usually require many questions to be answered, which participants may find time-consuming, tedious and repetitive. InPsyche reduces the number of questions required to generate a psychometric profile, by accounting for the correlations between different questions and psychometric constructs. The reduced size of the questionnaire allows InPsyche to be included in client’s apps or websites without encumbering the user experience.

InPsyche Profiling Platform


  • Able to generate comprehensive profiles from very few inputs
  • Able to handle missing inputs
  • Able to infer traits beyond the scope of the questions asked
  • Easy on-premise deployment as a containerized Webservice
  • Easy integration with apps via HTTP APIs

The Science Behind

InPsyche is driven by computational models that integrate numerous research findings on personality, behaviour and vocational psychology. InPsyche harnesses the correlations between psychometric traits to infer characteristics about an individual given a small set of observed attributes.


InPsyche’s primary application is in providing personality-based career recommendations. InPsyche enables HR consultancy and job-matching companies to assess and recruit applicants with higher job suitability and satisfaction, based on their psychometric profiles.


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