The I³ programme is a public-private-partnership under the Science and Engineering Council of A*STAR. Our objective is to drive and accelerate the adoption of IIoT technologies in the industry. To complement existing A*STAR Model Factories, I³ focuses on developing and validating solutions for real industry applications that extend beyond the factory floor.

PPP model

The I³ programme operates as an industry-driven consortium, bringing together end users, solution providers and research performers to collaborate and translate existing technologies into end-to-end IIoT solutions, as well as to co-develop new technologies with A*STAR Research Institutes (RIs) and Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) in Singapore. SMEs and startups can also benefit from this open collaboration platform as they upgrade their capabilities and position themselves as solution providers to the end users in the consortium.


As an I³ Member, companies get to benefit from early co-development of technologies and test-bedding of solutions between end users and solution providers. As part of the overall IIoT ecosystem, Members also benefit through cross-learning from different sectors and industry experts, and pooled research resources to more quickly realize the benefits of IIoT and digital transformation.
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