NEC joined I³ Consortium on 16 July 2020 (PHOTO TAKEN DURING MAR 2019 AND FEB 2020 VISITS)

Left photo: visit by Dr Katsumi Emura, CTO (centre in foreground) of NEC Corporation. 

Right photo: visit by Mr Christopher Lam, Deputy Head & Senior Director (seated center left) and Ms Joreen Zhuo, Business Development Manager (seated center right) of NEC.

NEC joined A*STAR Industrial Internet-of-Things Innovation (I³) as a Standard Member on 16 July 2020.  As a leading information and communications technology provider, NEC APAC provides innovative solutions and infrastructure to promote safety, security and enhance the quality of life for individuals and the community.

They bring their expertise in AI-based solutions, such as heterogeneous machine learning, adaptive video streaming, object fingerprint identification, system invariant analysis technology and human behavioural analytics, complementing our capabilities in the area of Comprehend.