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As the newest institute of the A*STAR biomedical sciences cluster, IMB focusses its research portfolio on the critical and challenging interface between basic science and medicine. Our goal is to understand mechanisms underlying human disease, so that we may discover new and effective approaches to combating illness and promoting wellbeing. 

The interface between science and medicine is a challenging and exciting place to be working. Nothing can be as rewarding as discovering the cause of a human disease or working out a new therapy to alleviate suffering. The Institute of Medical Biology helps scientists and clinicians to work closely together to support, inform and refine each other’s strengths and specializations. This increases the efficiency of translating new scientific knowledge into medically useful processes, to benefit people faster. This sector of the young biomedical research community in Singapore has a fast moving and productive future ahead. At the Institute of Medical Biology, we are proud and excited to be part of it.