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Sai Kiang Lim

Dr Sai-Kiang Lim graduated with B.Sc (Hons in Biochemistry) from National University of Singapore in 1985. She did her PhD thesis on the metabolism of thalassemic mRNA under Prof Lynne Maquat (Dept. of Human Genetics, Roswell Park Cancer Institute), and was awarded the Most Meritorious Student Research Award by Sigma Xi Society in 1989, NY State Predoctoral Fellowship (1989-91) and a PhD (Molecular Biology) from SUNY at Buffalo in 1992. In 1992, she started postdoctoral training on erythroid differentiation with Prof Frank Constantini (Dept. of Genetics and Development College of Physicians & Surgeons, Columbia University) first as a Cooley’s Anemia Foundation Research Fellow (1992-94) and then a Leukemia Society of America Special Fellow (1994-96).

After postdoctoral training, she led independent research groups at NUMI, NUS (1996-2001), Genome Institute of Singapore (2002-2007) and then Institute of Medical Biology (2007). Her research focus has always been disease-related with emphasis on the elucidation of the underlying molecular and cellular mechanisms in diseases and development of therapies. Her current major research interests are derivation of clinically useful cell types such as mesenchymal stem cells and insulin-producing cell lines from either human or mouse embryonic stem cells and the use of these cells or their products to treat or better understand human diseases.

The current lab was established in 2007 with a research focus on extracellular vesicles (EVs) from stem cells and synthetic EVs for the development of therapeutics, diagnostics, drug delivery systems, nutriceuticals and cosmeticeuticals. 

The lab was the first to demonstrate that mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) secrete therapeutic exosomes, a class of extracellular vesicles (EVs).  Since then, many of the reported therapeutic efficacies of mesenchymal stem cells for a wide spectrum of diseases were found to be underpinned by EVs.

The major focus of our present research program is to characterize exosomes and other classes of EVs that are secreted by MSCs, and to elucidate the molecular processes for their biogenesis and uptake. We are also investigating several disease indications for MSC exosomes such as acute and chronic myocardial infarction, severe genetic skin diseases e.g. recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa, severe imumune diseases e.g. steroid-refractory graft versus host disease, drug induced liver toxicity. This research has led to the development of several proprietary technological platforms for stem cell or synthetic EV-based therapeutics, diagnostics, drug delivery vehicles, nutriceuticals and cosmeticeuticals.  Since its inception at IMB in 2007, the lab has generated >59 publications, and > 39 granted and 46 pending patents.

The group research program is a highly collaborative, multi-disciplinary endeavour that comprises of local and international basic, clinical and industrial research groups.


Group Members


Senior Research Fellows Lai Ruenn Chai
Research Fellow Ronne YEO Wee Yeh
Research Officer TAN Soon Sim
Laboratory Officer Sim Wei Kian


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