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John Common

John obtained his PhD from the Centre for Cutaneous Research, Queen Mary University of London in 2004. His thesis on characterizing the genetic and functional analysis of epidermal connexins was carried out under the supervision of Professor David Kelsell. During this time, John identified a number of connexin mutations associated with skin disorders including novel mutations in GJB4. While in London, he also identified the first recessive mutation in desmoplakin that results in skin disease with cardiomyopathy by microsatellite analysis and candidate gene analysis.

John moved to Singapore in 2005 for his Postdoctoral training with Birgit Lane in the Epithelial Biology Programme, Institute of Medical Biology, A*STAR. In Birgit’s lab working closely with clinical collaborators, they established a genetics programme to study rare disorders of the skin and also more common diseases such as acne vulgaris and atopic dermatitis. As a Project Leader in IMB, John is currently focused on studying the genetics and molecular mechanisms of skin barrier regulation in Asian ethnicities.

  Our primary research interest is to study genes and pathways that regulate the formation of the epidermal barrier and what goes wrong in disease.

The genetic basis of human skin diseases is of great interest to scientists and clinicians alike. In the lab we have a number of projects geared towards understanding the mechanisms of both rare and common human epithelial disorders such as atopic dermatitis, ichthyosis, epidermolysis bullosa and acne. By studying patient DNA and tissue we hope to dissect mechanistic pathways important for skin function. Targeting these pathways could be important for the development of new therapeutic treatments.

Working with clinical samples we have identified a spectrum of filaggrin gene mutations that are associated with ichthyosis vulgaris and atopic dermatitis in Singaporean ethnicities. Filaggrin is a central node in skin barrier formation with multiple functions during epidermal terminal differentiation and the formation of an effective skin barrier. To investigate the filaggrin pathway and particularly the mutations identified in Singapore we have now developed reconstituted skin models to study mechanisms of skin barrier formation and barrier disruption during disease.

More recently, we have been studying the microbiome of skin with particular emphasis on skin barrier diseases and subclinical phenotypes such as dry skin. Detailed investigation of host-pathogen interaction is an important step for defining the importance of this highly dynamic symbiosis that maintains skin health and is a focus of the lab.

Group Members

Senior Research Fellows Koh Li Fang
  Vijaya Chandra, Shree
  Simon Denil
Research Fellows Tay Su Ling, Angeline
  Vincent Lim
Postgraduate students  Nathan Wong (ARAP)
  Nichole Giles (ARAP)
Research Officers  Wong Xuan Fei, Colin
Intern (long term) Iswarya Jayakumar

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