AMP | Electron Microscopy

What We Do

Electron Microscopy division of the A*STAR Microscopy Platform (AMP | EM) supports scientists and research projects from A*STAR, Academia and industry across Singapore. Focussed primarily on biomedical applications, our team provides tools and expertise for ultrastructural analysis of material, biological and bio-composite samples by a range of Transmission and Scanning Electron microscopy techniques. Our operations cover consulting on experiment design and services, training and user support in sample processing, microscopy imaging and qualitative/quantitative data analysis. The EM facility operates high-resolution SEM and TEM microscopes from JEOL and uses state of the art sample cryo-processing units from Leica Microsystems. Since 2014 we are accredited A*STAR-LEICA ELECTRON MICROSCOPY SAMPLE PREPARATION CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE.

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