The IMB-Olympus Microscopy Suite occupies the 5th floor of IMU. It permanently houses many of Olympus' high-end microscopes with a wide variety of techniques available:

The suite also host demos of the latest technology from Olympus, including:

  • Olympus FV1200 confocal with GaAsP detectors
  • Olympus cell^TIRF illuminator system
  • Olympus FV10i boxed confocal
  • Olympus VS120 slide scanner

The equipment is supported both by IMU staff and Shuping Lin, a member of Olympus staff seconded to IMB.

Shuping Lin, PhD (Senior Product Specialist, Olympus Singapore)
Office: Immunos 5.17A
Phone: +65 6407 0203



Together IMU and Olympus run multiple courses:


The suite forms part of a network of Olympus-supported imaging centres in the region: