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A*STAR-Olympus Basic, Fluorescence & Confocal Microscopy Course 2019 (October)

Date: 8-11th October 2019
Location: Biopolis, Singapore

Topics to be covered:
  • ​Brightfield
  • Phase contrast
  • Differential Interference Contrast (DIC)
  • Widefield Fluorescence
  • Confocal
  • Sample preparation
  • Image processing & analysis



This practical course will cover the basics of microscopy, from brightfield through phase contrast and DIC, to widefield fluorescence and confocal microscopy - including the complementary techniques of sample preparation and image analysis. There will be seminars to introduce the concepts followed by the relevant practicals to give all the attendees hands-on experience of how to properly implement these techniques for their biological research.  Both seminar places and practical places are limited.

Instructors include:

Graham Wright (SRIS), Goh Wah Ing (SRIS), Sudhaharan Thankiah (SRIS), Sarah Zulkifli (SRIS), John Lim (SRIS), Declan Lunny (SRIS), Ma Xiaoxiao (IMCB), Lin Shuping (Olympus), Wong Wei Juan (Olympus), Srivats Hariharan (Olympus)

For further information and details, please contact Shuping Lin.

To register, please complete the application form below.

Seminar attendance is free
Practical places are $200 (excluding GST, where applicable)

Registration deadline: Monday, 2nd September 2019

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