MetaSystems Slide Scanner

The MetaSystems Slide Scanner is capable of digitising whole slides by both brightfield and widefield fluorescence microscopy. Equipped with a robotic arm it can automatically image up to 80 slides in one session. The integrated barcode/QRcode scanner also reads any meta data and maintains the link to the resultant images. The Metafer software facilitates a focus mapping and on-the-fly stitching producing images over very large fields of view at high-resolution (the best of both worlds). This allows the user to have a virtual microscope to view from the gross tissue morphology right down to the single cell level. Images can be easily viewed via the VSViewer software and can be exported into tiff images for further data analysis. The system is also capable of karyotyping (Giulia Rancati's lab) and comet analysis (p53 Lab).

For general information about the microscope please refer to the MetaSystems website here: