FV3000 RS Inverted

The FV3000RS inverted is a highly motorised confocal laser scanning microscope for multidimensional acquisition (xyzt in multiple channels) of fixed samples. The extrmely fast resonant scanner facilitates rapid acquisition of data which has proven invaluable for acquiring large datasets of thick specimens with large fields of view, requiring the stithcing of multiple image stacks. The additional galvo scanner gives the flexibility to carry out more conventional confocal microcsopy. Confocal microscopy enables the acquisition of high-contrast optical sections, a series of which can be acquired as a z-stack to allow for 3D visualisation of the data. The confocal pinhole prevents out-of-focus light from reaching the detector. The FV3000RS is optimized for macro to micro imaging of cells, tissues, and small organisms. The spectral scanner with this system enables high-precision, high-resolution, and high speed spectroscopy (and the acquisition of lambda stacks).