Graham Wright, PhD
Director, A*STAR Microscopy Platform
Adjunct position as Imaging Consultant (Honorary), LKC School of Medicine, NTU
Office: Immunos 6.07
Phone: +65 6407 0167

Graham has a PhD in cell biology from The University of Edinburgh and has extensive experience in applying light microscopy to a wide variety of cell and developmental biology research. He runs the IMB Microscopy Unit and can be contacted for consultation and advice on your experimental design and with any requests for new equipment.

Sudha Thankiah, PhD (Research Scientist)
Office: Immunos 5.17A
Phone: +65 6407 0230

Sudha has a vast experience in applying the varied F-techniques (FRAP, FRET, FLIM, FCS, FCCS) for studying molecular movements and interactions. He joined IMU in 2015 from Sohail Ahmed's lab and can be contacted regarding F-techniques and multiphoton microscopy projects.

Goh Wah Ing, PhD (Assistant Manager)
Office: Immunos 6.18A
Phone +65 6407 0471

Wah Ing is trained in cell biology and has extensive experience in sample preparation and studying cytoskeletal structures by live-cell and single molecule localisation microscopy. She can be contacted for help with live-cell imaging, superresolution projects.

John Lim (Senior Imaging Engineer)
Office: Immunos 5.17A
Phone: +65 6407 0300

John has expertise in image processing and analysis, particularly using ImageJ/FIJI, and optical engineering. He offers advice and writes macros for automating or simplifiying challenging analysis problems and regularly runs the Image Processing & Analysi with ImageJ/FIJI course . He has also developed the in-house lightsheet microscope (DLSM).

Sarah Zulkifli (Microscopy Officer)
Office: Immunos 6.18A
Phone +65 6407 0253

Sarah is the first point of contact for help and advice regarding our microscopes. She conducts many of the training sessions within IMU and provides a supportive role for all of IMU's operations. Sarah should be contacted for any slide scanning queries.

Shuping Lin, PhD (Senior Product Specialist, Olympus Singapore)
Office: Immunos 5.17A
Phone: +65 6407 0203

Shuping is employed by Olympus Singapore, is seconded to IMB as a collaborator and supports the IMB-Olympus Microscopy Suite.