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Stem Cell Bank

The Singapore Stem Cell Bank (SSCB) within IMB is an initiative of the A*STAR. The SSCB is lead by Dr Ray Dunn (Academic Head, SSCB) and represents an important Singaporean initiative to advance stem cell research and the development of stem cell based technologies. The SSCB is a centralized repository and distributor of high quality human stem cell lines that are maintained and characterized according to validated and standardized processes for basic and translational research. The bank also provides technical support and educational opportunities through hands-on training of research students and post doctoral research scientists in specialist techniques of human embryonic as well as induced pluripotent stem cell culture and characterization.

Academic Head Ray Dunn
Senior Research Officer Eio Yating, Michelle
Research Officers        Chan Puck Wee 
  Tan Thong Teck


Skin Cell Bank

The Institute of Medical Biology (IMB) maintains and supports a skin cell bank of human cells collected for ethically approved research. The availability of these cells is vital for the institutes understanding of both human health and disease. The Skin Cell Bank team, headed by Professor Birgit Lane, are involved in all aspects of building and maintaining this bank, from tissue collection to cell isolation and culture, freezing cells for storage, quality control, detailed record keeping and monitoring of usage and release of materials from the bank for approved non-commercial research purposes.

We can provide the following services:

  • Isolation of cells from skin biopsies
  • Immortalization of primary cells
  • Tissue culture training
Academic Head Birgit Lane
Manager Kim Robinson
Research Officers        Keya Roy      
  Aishah Alimat

Kim Robinson obtained an MSc in photodermatology and a PhD in dermato-oncology from Dundee University – amounting to over 7 years dedicated skin research. Her PhD project assessed therapeutic targets in aggressive squamous cell carcinoma. Now, after completing her PhD she has moved to Singapore to run IMB’s Skin Bank.

If you would like to request human skin cells, please complete the Skin Cell Requisition Form (below) and the three attached forms for IRB submission. Please note that now, all PI's applying for an IRB need to have completed a CITI training. Please send the completed forms to to Sebastian Teissier (#06-06 Immunos Building). Don’t hesitate to contact Sebastian if you meet any difficulties.

Download IRB forms here:

  1. Letter
  2. Protocol
  3. Exemption form

For information on the current services within the bank please contact Kim Robinson.