David Liebl, PhD (Electron Microscopy Suite Manager)

Office: EM Suite, B2 Genome Phone: +65 6407 0790

Dr David Liebl holds a PhD in molecular cell biology and virology from Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. He has an expertise in host-pathogen interaction field and conducted research related to microscopy imaging for over 15 years in world-class imaging centres including the EMBL Heidelberg and the Institute of Molecular Bioscience in Brisbane. David joined the IMB-IMCB Joint Electron Microscopy Suite in November 2015.


Chee Peng Ng (Research Officer)
Office: EM Suite, B2 Genome Phone: +65 6407 4062

Chee Peng Ng is an experienced electron microscopist and provides support for technical and administrative operations of our laboratory.

Qiaohui Yang (Research Officer)
Office: EM Suite, B2 Genome Phone +65 6407 4062

Qiaohui Yang holds a Master degree in bacteriology from the University of Melbourne and has expertise in cryo-TEM of bacterial cells and experience in development of sample preparation techniques for TEM.