IMB-IMCB Joint Electron Microscopy Suite

What We Do

The IMB-IMCB Joint Electron Microscopy Suite assists scientists from A*STAR institutes, academia and industry in use of high resolution ultrastructural imaging for their research. Our expert team offers complex support for electron microscopy analysis from consulting on experiment design and sample preparation to sample processing, microscopy imaging and qualitative and quantitative imaging data analysis. We also provide training in operation of hardware and software instrumentation for sample processing and imaging. Our facility is equipped with scanning (SEM) and transmission electron microscopes (TEM) with high-resolution digital detectors and uses outstanding EM sample preparation equipment for cryo-processing of various types of biological and bio-composite samples. 

Our EM suite operates state of the art sample processing units from Leica Microsystems and since 2014 is an accredited IMB-IMCB-LEICA ELECTRON MICROSCOPY SAMPLE PREPARATION CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE.


The suite is a joint initiative between the Institute of Medical Biology and the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology.


News & Events

Leica EM ICE Workshop

08 Oct 2014