Bruno Reversade

Research Director and 


Dr Reversade and group members transferred to A*STAR’s Genome Institute of Singapore and Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology on the 1st October 2020.

rained at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, Bruno Reversade obtained his Ph.D. from the University Pierre & Marie Curie in France, whilst at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in UCLA.

Dr. Reversade published landmark papers that provide an explanation for how embryonic homeostasis is maintained and how, from one egg, identical twins can be produced.

Dr. Reversade's current research involves rare human pedigrees which suggest that the birth of monoclonal humans (identical twins) may be genetically-triggered. His work is supported by the Branco Weiss Foundation, whose mission is to bridge Science and Society.

Dr. Reversade was awarded the prestigious, inaugural A*STAR Research Investigatorship. He joined the IMB as Principal Investigator in January 2008 and was promoted to Senior Principal Investigator in 2012.

Group Members

Senior Research Scientist Nathalie ESCANDE-BEILLARD
Project Manager Carine BONNARD
Senior Research Fellow Emmanuelle RAVI-SZENKER
Research Fellows Pui Mun WONG Pui Mun
Kenneth LAY
Crystal CHIA
Serene CHNG
Jingwei XIONG
Research Officers Nur'Ain Binte ALI
Muznah Khatoo NAZAR KHAN
Danielle Ying Ling SNG Ying Ling
Assistant Laboratory Officer CHOO Siew Chin
Collaborators Shifeng XUE Shifeng (IMCB)
Franziska Paul SHUSHAN (IMCB)
Abigail LOH (IMCB)
Nancy LY (IMCB)