Developmental & Regenerative Biology

Colin Stewart and group members transferred to the Skin Research Institute of Singapore on the 1st October 2020.

The research centres on the analysis of the functional architecture of the cell’s nucleus, in particular the nuclear lamina and envelope, and how they regulate mammalian development, epigenetics and, postnatal tissue integrity and ageing.  My lab has a particular interest in diseases arising from disruption in the organization and function of the nuclear lamina and envelope.  These diseases, of which at least 30 have been described, are quite rare but provide novel insights into some of the more widespread major issues of 21st century health care, particularly obesity, aging, stem cell maintenance, muscle regeneration and cardiovascular disease.

The study of such rare diseases also offers an entry to the understanding of what I refer to as “supra-epigenetics”, namely how the structural organization of the cell’s nucleus is critical to regulating chromatin organization, nucleus-cytoskeleton interactions, telomere maintenance and signalling pathways.  More recently, together with my long-term colleague Brian Burke, we are developing a novel range of and approaches to treating cardiovascular diseases utilizing Adeno Associated Viral Vectors (AAV) to deliver therapeutics aimed at disrupting the nuclear LINC complexes.

In addition, I partner with L’Oreal at looking at mechanisms of skin ageing and I oversee the mouse knock-out core where we have generated ~80 lines of mutant mice.