Knock-out resource

Mouse models of various human diseases have had a profound impact on our evolving understanding of the mechanisms and pathways regulated by causative genes. These models serve as significant tools in the discovery and testing of novel therapeutics to be used in the treatment and prevention of respective mutations.
The IMB-based KOre - Knock-Out resource competently supports our scientific community with the generation of genetically engineered mice (GEM),
offering an array of services aimed at the successful generation of transgenic and gene-targeted mice, their expansion & cryopreservation;
from generating the original transgenic founders and KO/KI mice to safeguarding the mutation through cryopreservation.
KOre functions includes:
• Generation of knock-out & knock-in (KO/KI) mice using gene targeting
• Microinjection of targeted mouse ESCs into wild-type blastocysts
de novo generation of ESCs from established mouse models
• Strain reconstitution & rederivation
• Strain cryopreservation
KOre helps in archiving and distribution of resident mouse strains within Singapore through the SPRIMUS website.

SPRIMus is a Singapore-wide public resource initiative aimed as a converging information centre for live mouse lines (knock-outs, transgenics, cre-deleters and general strains) that are resident in our various research animal holding facilities at BRC, academic institutions and research hospitals; or available as embryonic stem cell clones, frozen embryos, sperm & vectors.

For more information, please contact:
ester wong

Esther Wong
Senior Research Fellow