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Name: Abdul Qader AL-AIDAROOS (AQ)

Current lab: PRL-3 Phosphatase & Cancer Therapy

Contact info: qaderaa@imcb.a-star.edu.sg

My primary research interest lies in unraveling the molecular mechanism of metastasis-associated PRL-3 phosphatase using biochemical approaches, supplemented with relevant tumor mouse models. The goal of this on-going study is to identify potential intervention points in PRL-3-driven cancer progression, as well as new therapeutic approaches in targeting this oncogene.

Name: Sherry Shiying AW

Current lab: miRNA Models of Cancer and Neurodegenerative Disease

Contact info: syaw@imcb.a-star.edu.sg

My projects in the Cohen lab focus on roles for microRNAs in the Drosophila CNS. Broadly speaking, my interests are in understanding brain development, and how development influences CNS functions. I chose the fly model as its available genetic tools makes it possible to thoroughly investigate a neurobiological question in one system, from a molecular developmental phenotype to subsequent physiological and behavioral characterization. The fly is becoming a surprisingly good model for several types of human nervous system disorders, and a final interest is to use fly models to better understand human CNS diseases. My PhD dissertation work at Harvard Medical School examined roles for potassium channels in left-right patterning and eye development, carried out in the lab of Dr. Michael Levin.

Name: Jabez BOK

Current lab: Chromatin, Epigenetics and Differentiation

Contact info: jbok@imcb.a-star.edu.sg

Name: Lih Feng CHEOW

Current lab: Microfluidics Systems Biology

Contact info: lfcheow@imcb.a-star.edu.sg

Name: Peiying CHUAN

Current lab: Microfluidics Systems Biology

Contact info: pychuan@imcb.a-star.edu.sg