Small G-protein Signalling and Kinases


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Ed Manser obtained his PhD (Biophysics) at National Institute for Medical Research in London working on the microtubule cytoskeleton under the supervision of Dr Peter M Bayley. He secured a postdoctoral position at Institute of Neurology, London and began looking at aspects of molecular neurobiology. As a Research Fellow at IMCB (1992) he developed an interest in the biochemical pathways downstream of the newly discovered Rho small GTPases and in 1999 was promoted to Principle Investigator, working under the GSK-IMCB Trust. He also headed the IMCB Proteomic facility 2003-2006. Currently, he holds an Associate Professor appointment, and is a Senior Principal Investigator in IMCB.


Small G-protein Signalling Kinases

Ed Manser has been working in the area of Rho Signal transduction since 1992. His team in the GSK-IMCB Research Fund has made ground-breaking discoveries in the field of signal transduction, including the first identification and isolation of effector proteins ACK, PAK, ROK, MRCK, and other associated proteins such as PIX and GIT. These have been shown to play key roles in diverse activities including shape changes, motility, differentiation and cytokinesis in many cell types, including neurons


 Recent Publications

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DAAM1 is a formin required for centrosome re-orientation during cell migration.
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Do PAKs make good drug targets?
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Ng YW, Raghunathan D, Chan PM, Baskaran Y, Smith DJ, Lee CH, Verma C, Manser E.
Why an A-loop phospho-mimetic fails to activate PAK1: understanding an inaccessible kinase state by molecular dynamics simulations.


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