Translational Biomedical Proteomics


Lab Location: #7-12   Email: jayanthag@imcb.a-star.edu.sg   Tel: 65869689

Jayantha Gunaratne obtained his Ph.D. in Biosciences from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan in 2003 where he received training on gas and liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry and NMR technologies. He has received several scientific awards including the prestigious Japanese Government International Graduate Scholarship, and Yasumasu and Inoue Foundation Young Scientist awards in Japan (2001 & 2003). In 2004, he was offered a postgraduate research scholar position at Scripps Institution, University of California San Diego, USA to pursue his postdoctoral work on genome annotation, proteomics and biochemical analysis in developmental biology. In 2007, he moved to Singapore as a founder member of the Mass Spectrometry and Systems Biology Laboratory in IMCB and pioneered the establishment of high-resolution advanced quantitative proteomics technology in Singapore. He is currently a Principal Investigator heading translational biomedical proteomics research in IMCB and also an adjunct Associate Professor in Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore.


Proteomics Mass Spectrometry in Health and Diseases

Proteomics mass spectrometry (MS) is the forefront technology for studying proteotype, the state of a proteome associated with a specific phenotype. Over the last decade, we have fully established this powerful technology including strategized pipelines for proteotype studies through proteome profiling (Swa et al. 2012 & 2015, Gunaratne et al. 2013, Alli Shaik et al. 2014, Ng et al. 2015), interactomes (Gunaratne et al. 2011, Coffill et al. 2012, Dong et al. 2016) and post-translational modifications (Alli Shaik et al. 2016 & 2017, Ho et al. 2015). Apart from discovery proteomics, our group also focuses on developing targeted proteomics applications (Wee et al. 2019). Currently we hold several translational and clinical research projects, and collaborate with international and national institutes, government agencies, hospitals and industry partners.

Our group focuses on 2 main research themes: 

1. Disease biomarker discovery:  Proteins orchestrate key biological events within the cell and any aberrant wiring in the complex protein-protein network often manifests itself in pathological conditions such as cancer. Identification of unique molecular signatures from haywire protein networks is important in early detection, precise diagnostics and targeted therapeutics of several disease conditions. Our group employs deep proteomics strategies to capture protein markers in dysregulated molecular pathways. We screen clinical samples including biofluids to identify deregulated protein clusters and subject them to advanced computational tools for reconstruction of biological networks to reveal druggable targets and prognostic markers that are clinically relevant. One of our main research interests is to dissect breast cancer heterogeneity and develop liquid biopsy approaches for early diagnosis, prognosis and patient stratifications. The other ongoing research projects in this line include chronic kidney disease (CKD), hepatitis B viral (HBV) infection, diabetic retinopathy (DR) and heart failure (HF) where our group leads in biomarker discovery and protein therapeutic target identification. We have already identified promising biomarker panels for bladder cancer and CKD (urine), breast cancer (tissue) as well as DR, HF and HBV (blood). In addition to conventional biochemical tools for biomarker validation, we also establish and use in-house targeted MS assays as part of the work under our technology development theme.

2. Technology development: Applications of proteomics MS have traditionally been focusing on expression and post-translational (e.g. phosphorylation, acetylation and ubiquitination) profiling. In our group, we push the limits of this state-of-art MS technology in interrogating, tracking and validating molecular events. One such clinical application is the prototype we developed for single-shot flavivirus diagnosis (Wee et al. 2019).  Other technology development projects include novel SWATH MS applications for tracking signalling pathways (in collaboration with SCIEX), development of novel screening tools (in collaboration with SFA), and biochemical approaches and advanced computational tools for next generation biomarker discovery.


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Kosok M, Alli-Shaik A, Bay BH, Gunaratne J.

Comprehensive Proteomic Characterization Reveals Subclass-Specific Molecular Aberrations withinTriple-negative Breast Cancer

iScience Jan 27, 2020 DOI:https://doi.org/10.1016/j.isci.2020.100868



Wee S, Alli-Shaik A, Kek R, Swa HLF, Tien WP, Lim VW, Leo YS, Ng LC, Hapuarachchi HC, Gunaratne J.
Multiplex targeted mass spectrometry assay for one-shot flavivirus diagnosis.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 116:6754-6759

Media releases: 

Commentary by Proteomics expert Professor Ruedi Aebersold: https://research.a-star.edu.sg/articles/highlights/a-one-shot-assay-for-flavivirus-identification/

Genomeweb 360Dx: https://www.360dx.com/mass-spec/proteomic-test-diagnose-differentiate-zika-dengue-developed-astar-team#.XJrqvVUzZhE

Others: Eurekalert, Singapore Straits Times, Zaobao, SingHealth, SG press centre, BioSpace, Health Care Today and BioSpectrum Asia

Lin Q, Low LWL, Lau A, Chua EWL, Matsuoka Y, Lian Y, Monteiro A, Tate S, Gunaratne J*, Carney TJ*. *co-corresponding authors.
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Lim JP, Nair S, Shyamasundar S, Chua PJ, Muniasamy U, Matsumoto K, Gunaratne J*, Bay BH.* 
 *co-corresponding authors

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Biomarker discovery in the urine of early stage bladder cancer patients. Granted in 2019: USA (US 10s509s034 B2), Europe (#3066474), China (# CN 105899953B) & Japan (#6549570). Licensed in 2018, # PC/SW/2934/0518/ETPL-IMCB.

Novel tumour protein marker panels and TNBC sub-classification for improved breast cancer subtyping and patient stratification. Filed in Sep 2019, IMC/P/11239/00/SG