Disease Intervention Technology Lab


Our mission
Our mission is to develop innovative technologies that selectively target biochemical networks to systematically understand and intervene in human diseases, using a multidisciplinary “team science” approach.

What we do
The Disease Intervention Technology Laboratory (DITL) is positioned to play a unique horizontal role within the disease research, translation and commercialisation landscape in Singapore and globally. Singapore has significant strengths in Use Inspired Basic Research (UIBR) through A*STAR, the Universities and other research institutions, and is primed for late-stage commercialisation activities through the Diagnostics Development Hub (DxD) or Experimental Drug Discovery Centre (EDDC).

DITL bridges between basic research and its commercialisation by implementing innovative technologies for the discovery, validation and enablement of novel molecular targets for next-generation disease therapeutics and diagnostics.

How we do it
We develop new technologies that harness protein engineering, chemistry, structure determination and chemical biology to overcome major challenges for therapeutics & diagnostics development.

We deploy our technology platforms for discovering & validating new targets using new genetic tools; creating chemical starting points for lead discovery (including small molecules, macrocycles or peptides) through structure-guided approaches; and enabling new classes of therapeutic or diagnostic targets via chemical biology.

We undertake basic research on cancer as a use-case to advance our systematic understanding of disease biology, empowering us to build, test and use our new technologies for therapeutics & diagnostics development.

We collaborate with other researchers in A*STAR, the Universities, and other institutions, as well as with industrial partners for technology development as well as therapeutics & diagnostics development. If you are interested in collaborating with us, please reach out to our assistant manager Raj Kaur at the following email: Rajindar_Kaur@imcb.a-star.edu.sg

DITL operates as a “team science” collective in which teams led by senior researchers with expertise in different fields work together to solve major scientific problems using multi-disciplinary approaches. Our research teams are led by Ashok Venkitaraman, Farid Gadhessy, Chris Brown and Zak Gates. Sir David Lane is an honorary member of DITL.

Members of our research team are here.

For an overview of the background knowledge and skill sets of our team members, please click here for publications over the past five years including those published prior to the formation of DITL.

David LANE
Honorary Fellow
Principal Investigator
Christopher BROWN
Principal Investigator
Senior Research Fellow