Lab Location: #3-02   Email: mcbzengq@imcb.a-star.edu.sg   Tel: 65869664

Qi Zeng studied her Ph.D in Roswell Park Memorial Institute (RPMI, USA) and IMCB.  She obtained her Ph.D in 1993 from National University of Singapore.  As part of her graduate work, she genetically engineered the first Transgenic Rat in Asia for a San Diego biotech firm to study human diabetes, and her success story appeared in Fortune Magazine (USA, Oct. 1991). She has continued using animal models to study human diseases for decades. Her team demonstrated that PRL-1 and PRL-3 monoclonal antibodies can inhibit experimental metastatic tumors expressing their respective antigens.  In 2009, Exploit Technologies Pte Ltd (ETPL, A*STAR) awarded her group a Flagship grant of $3.1 million for anticancer therapy in mice. (Please click here for more information) In 2011, she proposed a new concept of ‘Targeting Intracellular Oncoproteins with Antibody Therapy or Vaccination to treat cancer’.  She is a pioneer in using the unconventional approach of immunotherapy targeting intracellular oncoproteins for blocking tumor growth in cancer mice. Recently, in 2014.  an additional award of $1.5 million Gap fund to work until pre-clinical trials.  She is a leader in the fields of PRL-3 cancer research and unconventional immunotherapy targeting intracellular oncoproteins. She became a Senior Principal Investigator (Associate Professor) in 2010 and Research Director (Professor) in 2015.