Institute of Microelectronics (IME) Fab offers a broad range of services to our customers to meet the mounting research and development (R&D) needs of the semiconductor industry and related industries. IME’s Fab is located in-house and provides R&D services on micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), microelectronics nanotechnology and bioelectronics applications. IME’s Fab offers a broad range of services to our customers to meet the mounting R&D needs of the semiconductor industry and related industries. We collaborate with chipmakers, equipment and materials suppliers, universities, and companies working in emerging technologies, to test new designs,integration methodologies, and prototype systems in a manufacturing environment, leveraging the experience, facilities and tools already in place in the fab. Our model provides a cost-competitive process development infrastructure in a manufacturing-like fab environment, enabling the accelerated commercialization of proof of concepts into real, manufacturing-ready technology solutions.  


IME offers advanced lithography services printing 45nm half pitch patterns for volume production for 300mm diameter Silicon wafer Advanced Lithography Processing in state-of-the-art Class-10 Wafer Fab in IME. Our Immersion Scanner is supported with in-line overlay measurement capabilities and successfully demonstrated flat optics device functionality on 12” Silicon and glass wafer using immersion lithography capability. 

Structure analysis Capabilities

o   CM200 TEM and Titan MSTEM

o   Focus Ion Beam (FIB)

o   SEM with EDX and EBSD

o   Sample preparation (Micro clever,Ion milling and polishing machines)

o   Confocal Scanning Acoustic Microscopy (CSAM)

o   3D X-Ray

o   Microprobe in SEM chamber

 Surface analysis Capabilities
o   JEOL Auger Electron Spectrum Scope
Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)
 Environmental Reliability Testing
o   High Temperature Storage (HTS)
o   Thermal Cycling
o   Thermal Shock
o   HAST
o   Temp-Humidity storage

Electrical Testing

o   ESD testing: Human Body Model & Machine Model

o   Probe stations

 FAB MDRA Services

Advance material characterization and reliability test are essential for microelectronics research, development and manufacturing. As every stage of the development, from initial process and materials research to quality assurance of the final product, well planned analysis and testing ensure that goals are achieved. MDRA has the capabilities and cutting edge facilities to conduct world –class research and development in semiconductor technology. We provide materials and process characterization, failure analysis and reliability testing to support our industry partners engage in wafer fabrication, packaging, assembly and test.